21st International Symposium on Applications of Laser and Imaging Techniques to Fluid Mechanics
08 - 11 July 2024


In the LISBON SYMPOSIA, any scientific contributions to the theory and practice of measurement methods are welcome, if they facilitate new improved fluid mechanic research, including contributions in the cutting-edge fields of microfluidics and biofluidics, in the diverse backgrounds of biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering, as well as in the development of physical models, validation of numerical predictions, and characterization of practical engineering applications.

The Scientific Committee also encourages authors to present new advanced imaging techniques and processing methods, which can provide new insights into the complex thermofluid-dynamic phenomena, even though not based on laser light sources, such as ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging.

For reference, the program of the last edition comprised sessions in:

Aerodynamics and Flow Control
Background Oriented Schlieren
Biomedical Flows
Boundary Layers
Force and Pressure from PIV Data
Heat Transfer and Thermodynamic Phenomena
High-Speed Velocimetry
Laser Doppler Techniques
LIF/PLIF Technique
Measurement of Wall Shear Stress
Micro-Scale PIV and Microfluidics
Novel Measurement Techniques
Particle & Spray Measurement Techniques
PIV Applications
PIV Processing Algorithms and Data Assimilation
PIV System Development
PIV Uncertainty Quantification and Performance
PTV Techniques
Rotating Machinery and Vortical Flows
Shocks and Compressible Flows
Surface Reconstruction
Two-Phase Flows
Velocity-Temperature Measurements
Volumetric PIV/PTV